About Us

Cre8tive G is a clothing brand that is built on creativity, notice the number 8 in our logo.  Our business concept “The signature of creativity.” Means the CEO Cre8tive G signs off on all garment designs with his own creative touch. His signature is proof that all ideas are original and have a unique concept for the brand. He pushes the envelope with parody designs which catch the eyes of others as you wear the clothing. If you are a fashionista with the desire to be different and trendy at the same time, check out our gear. “We get you and we got you.” Let us help you stand out amongst the crowd as a trend setter. Our customers are our models and the streets are your runway; we want you to always walk in style.

The company started in 2013 as a small business selling fake tattoo sleeves which has now grown into its own hip-hop clothing brand. The business is 100% black owned and started its roots in Brooklyn, New York. Today the company sells T-shirts, hoodies, and offers design services for those who want us to create for them. In the future the company plans to design jeans, hats and much more.



Cre8tive G

CEO & Founder